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Invisible Internet Project:

Network without borders

We are building network which helps people to communicate and share information without restrictions.

Free from censorship. Free from privacy violations.

How Invisible Internet works?

I2P (Invisible Internet Project) is anonymous network which works on top of public Internet.

Privacy and anonymity are achieved by strong encryption and bouncing your traffic through thousands of I2P nodes all around the world.

Nobody can track your activities inside Invisible Internet.

If you are interested in deeper technical details, visit this page.

Let's make the world a better place

I2P runs and is developed by people like you.

You can help to protect our civil rights online, just run I2P node 24/7 and spread the word!

Support with coins

Donations for Purple I2P developing:

E-Mail: i2porignal at

BTC: 1K7Ds6KUeR8ya287UC4rYTjvC96vXyZbDY

DASH: Xw8YUrQpYzP9tZBmbjqxS3M97Q7v3vJKUF

LTC: LKQirrYrDeTuAPnpYq5y7LVKtywfkkHi59

ANC: AQJYweYYUqM1nVfLqfoSMpUMfzxvS4Xd7z